Crybabies, ne'er do wells and malecontents please shop elsewhere!
I'm serious, I don't need any headaches!

Free shipping is shipped at the most convenient and lowest cost for Only Race Cars.
If your zipcode starts with 3 or higher there is a good chance it will go UPS.
USPS has size/weight restrictions that can have a 4lb box to the West Coast costing in the $40 range.
If you want Priority Mail you will have to pay the difference.

Setting up a CART with options. Until it's done please call or email.
Plastic kits, transkits, bulky detail sets. $100 or more in product for free shipping. Not $99.50.
If your order comes up just short send an even $100 to upgrade to free shipping.
Decals and flat photoetch sets (no resin or metal pieces) ship free.

All items ship at as close to exact price PLUS insurance as possible.
Decals and flat photoetch sets (no resin or metal pieces) ship free with an order of 3 or more.
Our cart does not allow for adjustments so over payments will be refunded as needed...for now.

Profil 24, Quickskins, Lemans Miniatures, Orange House and Wolf Model kits ship FREE WORLDWIDE.

Drop shipped kits must be paid for in full when ordered.

Out of stock items such as Studio 27 will only be ordered after they are paid in full.

Pre-Order items must be held with a 20% deposit.
Non-refundable UNTIL we sell the item you did not take.
Refundable if we can cancel or someone else buys it.

Some sale items or garage sale items will not ship free.

PRICING: There are two prices for most items.
The CART price is Paypal or Credit Card.
The product page will tell you the cash, check or money order discount.
Take advantage and save by buying direct or with paper.
All orders made with paper payments are held until the funds fully clear.
We really prefer non-credit card or Paypal payments. Saves a trip to the bank for cash!
Yes, we report paper payments as income. Just saying.

FOR EXAMPLE: An item is $219 on ebay. Direct sale can be $199. Paper can be $189.
The price differences will depend on the item.
Paper payments made out to TOM WALSH or CASH.

EBAY: Our Ebay pricing is ALWAYS 10%-20% higher than full price on this sight!
So buy direct and save.

PAYMENT PLANS: Take 2, 3, or 4 payments. No fees! No we don't ship item first! Silly.
If item is in stock we will put it aside.
If item must be ordered such as Studio 27 it will only be ordered after final payment.
UNLESS the item becomes low stock.

PAYPAL offers a buy now pay later plan also.

COUPONS: Now null and void. As of January 1, 2013 all coupons were void. Only 40 of the 600+ had been used.
Never realized you guys and gals didn't need to save anything on your purchases.
Which is probably why so many of you insist on only buying my ebay items!

NEWSLETTER: Get special pricing, first dibs on rare items, pre-order and see what is in stock as soon as it arrives.
Sign up HERE!
So send us money and we send you cool stuff.
And you get to relive your youth building models.
Beats ruining your marriage with a girl/guy half your age!

If any of this does not make sense or is confusing...ask for Tom

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