It's called modeling for a reason!!
First impressions: Are not always as they appear.
Remember seeing the beautiful girl across the room only to be disappointed after talking to her because you have nothing in common.
Hey it happens!
It might even take a few weeks for you to admit it!

Do not be put off by your first impression of any multimedia kits.
The presentation factor of Studio 27, Wolf Models, Model Factory Hiro, Profil 24, Fisher and Tameo have spoiled many modelers.
Their kits are always nicely packaged and always cleaned up nicely.

But it never means an easy build- except according to many builders maybe Tameo and now the new Hiro items.

I've heard many complaints of poor looking resin, shallow panel lines, looks like it won't fit and too much flash etc.
At least try building the kit before worrying or complaining about these things.
A- Poor looking resin. Yes some companies have tried different resins on occasion but they are all workable. Unless it's soft.
B- Shallow panel lines. I'm afraid there are very few kits that won't need line re-scribing during the painting process. Even plastic kits.
C- Looks like it won't fit. ??? Building almost all multimedia kits require MUCHO, MUCH, A LOT of test fitting and adjusting of the pieces.
Resin can be put in warm water to be re-shaped if necessary. Remember it's called modeling for a reason.
Yes!!!...even Tamiya kits may need some test fitting. Especially the older kits.
D- Too much flash. Obviously these people have never built Johan plastic kits.

If most of the above reasons sound like you:
It could just be you really aren't ready to build a multimedia kit.
You must be patient besides possessing some skill.
It's actually the more important of the two!

I do forward all your concerns to the proper manufacturer.
I do urge you to show some restraint when talking about manufacturers in forums.
Be honest about your abilities. I've seen  quite a few models that so-called expert modelers have built.
If you succeed in ruining the reputation of a kit manufacturer they may be forced out of business before any improvements could have been implemented.
You have now caused more damage to the hobby industry and have disappointed other modelers who could have built those kits.
And many of these modelers have built kits very successfully from every manufacturer.

If you read any negative comments in a forum please INVESTIGATE before believing what was written.
Remember people can say WHATEVER they want in forums whether it's true or false.
People can be mean spirited in forums because they are not accountable for what they say.
If they actually had to face or speak directly to the person they were bad mouthing only 5% might still be mean spirited.
If they even had the nerve to say anything when face to face.

AMD, ACE and now Chequered Flag are now gone. In my view mostly due to bad press.
I know those kits were not perfect but they were buildable.
Especially considering how they were priced compared to their competition at the time.
So who is going to make kits of all those Hesketh, Tyrrell and Brabham kits?
Studio 27 and Hiro that's who.
Kits that were $125US to $169US will now be $200US to $350US+.
Better quality? No doubt. Worth twice the money or more? Your call.
How many can you now afford to purchase?

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