Crybabies, ne'er do wells and malecontents please shop elsewhere!

I'm serious, I don't need any headaches!


We are no longer accepting credit cards over the phone.
Paypal, cash, check or money orders only!
You can still buy with a credit card but you will have to go through Paypal.
If you use Paypal no one sees your credit card number...ever.
No chance of the Target or Home Depot fiasco happening to you.

Looks like it's too late for the W05 Monaco. Unless you order in the next couple of days.
Spain car out now in even lower numbers.


If sending a check PLEASE email or call first so the item can be held.
SPECIALS! page...Buy a the kit listed and get the photoetch/decal or any other detail items listed for 30% off.
COLLECTIONS...The items on there especially the diecast are very competitively priced.
For example we had the Carousel 1965 Lotus for $250. Just sold on ebay for $425.
LAST CALL for Monopost W05 Monaco.
 LAST CALL for Belkits should be shipping in about a week.
LAST CALL for Iritani order in about two weeks. If you want something need to know before he ships.

There will be no attempt to add a CART until all the pages are up to date with stock, photos and pricing.
Remember only black linked pages are accurate with stock and pricing.
Any questions? EMAIL!!! or
or call 845-520-6096
Make sure you leave your NAME and NUMBER.

The COLLECTIONS page is up and will be updated as items appear/disappear.
Note: There is no free shipping for COLLECTIONS items at this time.

There will be a "SPECIALS" page ASAP
This will feature one kit with reduced pricing for the decal/photoetch add-ons.
If there are many decal options various pricing combos will be available.

I have come to the conclusion that Facebook and most Social Media marketing ideas are junk!
While I will occasionally update it is not a priority.

are currently $49.99. When new shipment arrives in a couple of weeks price will be $55.00.
If you pre-order and pre-pay now you can get them for $49.99.
This includes the VW Polo when it's released.
Polo is due in June/2015
Orange House kits are currently unavailable. I will let you know when they can be ordered again.
Wolf Models pricing is now $239 each shipped. Due to Brazil Post raising rates about 50% and hefty Paypal fees incurred by Wolf.

Apparently nothing is easy. In the process of trying to add a CART.
Everything taking too long to get to. If you have any questions about stock, availability or pricing
please email or call.  


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